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Build reassurance in your office

Your employees want to be reassured when returning to the office that your building and spaces are safe.

Air quality matters in the office now more than ever.
Tracking air factors such as temperature, humidity, CO2, PM2.5, and VOCs can help mitigate for Sick Building Syndrome and other risks.

Your Benefits

Improve the well-being of your employees and visitors 

Improve the productivity of your employees

Easily measure levels in any office space with multiple rooms

Save Energy and increase renovation cycles 


Good to know: You decide whether you want the system for individual rooms or the entire building. A future upgrade is possible at any time.

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Take charge of your employees' health
and your buildings

ARVE provides trusted air quality information you can rely on.
Always stay informed with real-time notifications.

ARVE visualizes your air quality in an easy-to-understand manner and provides data-driven notifications so you always now what is going on.
CO2 Monitor
Integration with API
Real-time Alerts
Regular Platform Updates
Data-Intelligence Engine
Fleet Management
Management Dashboard
Thermal Komfort Data
Chemicals (TVOCs) Data
Aerosol (PM2.5) Data
CO2 Indicator
CO2 Data
Wi-Fi Connectivity