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ARVE Swiss Air Quality System launches in collaboration with Novotel Expo Bern

Bern, May 4th - the Swiss ICT Company ARVE launches the ARVE Swiss Air Quality System together with launch partner Novotel Bern Expo (Accor). After more than a year of development work in close collaboration with leading hotel brands around the world, this is a big milestone for ARVE and for the digitalization of the hospitality industry. As the World’s first air quality monitoring and data management system specifically developed for the current needs of hotels, ARVE further extends its competitive edge in the market.

ARVE strives to be a driving force in the restart of the hospitality industry. With the industry being disrupted repeatedly during these uncertain times and air-awareness (e.g., alertness about aerosol and CO2 levels) rising among travelers, ARVE brings in a sense of reassurance and stability. Not only for guests that stay in air-quality monitored rooms, but also for hoteliers who are presented with new challenges every day.

As Matthias Beyeler, General Manager, Novotel Bern Expo and Bern Messe Hotels states:

“The ARVE system is like a real-time mirror that provides a total insight in hotel rooms and public areas on a technical side. We have the full view of the air quality with all its aspects, so we can reassure our guests and employees with a safe and well-monitored environment."

With such an innovator in the lead, the Novotel Bern Expo will be the first hotel to install the ARVE Swiss Air Quality System to gain insights across their hotel rooms, meeting rooms, and F&B areas.

Additionally, to the newly launched digital services, ARVE will continuously develop further services through co-creation with the operational teams of our partner hotels and the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL Group). By tailoring the new services directly to the needs of hotel teams, ARVE will continue to add more business value in the coming to the benefit of all hotel customers.

About ARVE

Hoteliers face new challenges and are operating in an environment with many unknown variables. Guests need reassurance to travel, hotels need to ensure the well-being and safety of guests and staff and financial uncertainty is omnipresent. ARVE monitors the indoor air quality in real-time and generates actionable insights for hotels making use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. ARVE helps hotels to gain back guests through reassurance, optimize costs, and solve operational challenges.

Media Relations

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Business Development Manager

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