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Meet Samuel! ARVE's newest team member and product manager

Last week I started my adventure at ARVE. I am the new Product Owner of ARVE and I am responsible for the further development of the product together with the hoteliers and the developers. Previously, I ran a hotel myself and could gain interesting experiences. I know the different actuators, the processes, as well as experiences the challenges in the hotel business myself. Based on the experience as a hotel manager, I can better understand our partners and with the help of their input, steer the product development in the right direction.

Not only do I understand the hotelier's side, but I also have a digital affinity with a keen interest in digitalization. This brings a decisive advantage to all parties involved. Through my understanding of the computer and the whole system, as well as which interfaces are available and where problems can arise, I can pass on the needs of the market to the developers in a way that is appropriate for the target group. Together with the team, we can thus extract the greatest possible added value.

Currently, I am completing an EMBA - digital transformation at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden, where I was able to gain many insights into various topics of digitalization. We learned about some trends, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain or IoT. In addition, we received many insights into where we currently stand with technology and where the journey could still go. This made me realize that with new technologies we get a great potential for the hotel industry to make data-based decisions and increase efficiency.

ARVE Swiss Air Quality Systems is just such a product. With its live data from various sensors in each hotel room, various algorithms can detect events and trigger alerts. This eliminates the need to monitor because the system notifies the hotelier when their attention is required. So I'm excited to take this product to the next level together with the team.

Welcome to the Team Samuel! Great to have you on board.

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