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Meet the person behind the design of the ARVE Sense

Today is about the person behind the unique design of the ARVE Sense. The centerpiece of the ARVE Swiss Air Quality System.

Last year, Damien Regamey, Industrial Designer from Biel/Bienne in Switzerland, took it upon himself to design and bring the new ARVE Sense to life. Damien Regamey is a perfect fit to design for ARVE. Not only is he an award-winning industrial designer, but he also has a unique approach to seeing change as a force to reinvent ourselves and the world around us. With this approach, he is a unique match to the mission we strive to accomplish at ARVE – to bring a sense of security and reassurance in an industry continuously disrupted by changes.

The ARVE Sense's eye-catching front shows a spiral, the symbol for change and development. The spiral represents what ARVE stands for and is also an excellent fit to the airflows the ARVE Sense continuously measures in the hotels. In addition, the distinctive and recognizable design makes the ARVE Sense a design asset in the hotel room and stays discrete enough to blend into any hotel environment.

But Damien Regamey's work is about more than just an aesthetically pleasing design. Most people may not realize that good design has just as much to do with how something works as it does with how something looks. Furniture designer Charles Eames once said, "Design is an expression of the purpose, and it may (if it is good enough) later be judged as art; design depends largely on constraints, and it is a method of action."

Like all good designs, Damien's work is a very carefully crafted marriage of form and function. Good design must have a purpose. The ARVE Sense is first and foremost a precision air quality measurement instrument that comes with a unique set of requirements. The system needs to be able to breathe and at the same time be durable and stand up against environmental influences. To bring it all together in an elegant solution, a close collaboration between industrial design, electronic engineering, and sensor specialists was essential. ARVE Sense has many subtle and clever design features, which directly result from our close transdisciplinary collaboration with a shared vision.

Here is what Damien himself says about his ideation behind the ARVE Sense:

"The design of the ARVE Sense was a very interesting challenge. I wanted to represent the air and its connotation discreetly, refinedly that could be integrated into different environments. The spiral represents a flow of air and evokes a natural, relaxing, zen, and timeless image. Formed on the surface of the case, a bit like a print or a fossil, the spiral has been curved and metalized to enhance the reflections of the ambient light. It is, therefore, a product that adapts to the different styles of hotel room decoration and that lives (or breathes) at the same rhythm as the guests".

ARVE would like to take this opportunity to thank Damien for bringing ARVE's mission to life in a striking design.

About Damien Regamey

After studying and experimenting at the renowned University of Arts and Design in Lausanne (écal), Damien Regamey gained experience by working in different design studios in Switzerland for about ten years. Leading projects for international brands such as Nestlé, Nescafé Dolce Gusto, and Raiffeisen, he built up profound know-how in industrial design covering every step of a project: from marketing briefings, sketches, illustrations, CAD 3D conception, renderings, feasibility studies, and industrialization. From 2012 on, he has been working in the furniture industry and was head of the design department.

Eager to discover new challenges, Damien Regamey founded his agency in summer 2015, which is called "Damien Regamey Industrial Design." Located in Biel/Bienne, it is strategically positioned in the center of Switzerland. The bilingual area of Biel/Bienne allows for easy exchanges with both French and German-speaking companies and international clients.

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